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The Entrepreneur Who Made Everyone Happy

In being mindful, in taking the time to reflect and respond rather than react and try to be everything to everybody, the lines can be drawn and the entrepreneur can come from a place of purpose and protecting what they have created.

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The Executive Who Dabbled in Management

We are a nation of learners. We love to get those framed certificates and add important sounding initials after our names. We often dabble in this course and that seminar, but make the mistake of adding rather than subtracting.

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The Leader’s Guide to “Different Times”

Dissatisfaction with co-workers, managers, leaders and organizations. No one talks, there are conflicts, sniping, rampant politics, digital email wars, angry texts, tempers and reaction to most anything.

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Sometimes, Doing Nothing is Enough

It is not that the truth always hurts, it is sometimes a matter of the truth being the best way. It is not often that we get to use the word “Gentleman,” but in the following example we are about to discuss, our client was both a successful executive and a gentleman.

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