Energy Part II

tapping the power within and without


In Energy (Part I), we identified the elements in our lives that have been draining our energies, complicating our lives and clouding our path. The process of unlearning is a life-long commitment, with unimaginable returns.

With disciplined, deliberate, clear awareness, you will begin placing the tools and perspectives aside that are no longer useful nor necessary for your success. They will be replaced with tools and attitudes that are conscious and consistent with the essence of your true self.

In Energy (Part II), we will collaboratively rediscover and build the tools that will enhance and strengthen your ability to create positive energy, VIM. In addition, you will immediately see how your increased energy provides clarity to pragmatically deal with and solve specific challenges in your life.

As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.
— Carl Jung

A Shared Experience

“Just a couple of years ago we had a thriving company and then what seemed like overnight, the financial bubble burst; suddenly we found ourselves in survival mode. I was taking on the responsibilities and tasks of key employees that we had to let go and working 60 hour weeks. I became exhausted and stressed beyond imagination. The pain and chaos were manifesting in my relations with my family and in my health.

I discovered hope; by learning to accept “what is”, I began to gain clarity and focus. By treating my challenges as if I were running a marathon – “it is an inside job”- I understood how to cultivate my mental energy and developed the skill and discipline to plan and pace my energy for my business, my family and myself. I was once again in conscious control of my destiny.”

S. Clarke, Entrepreneur


Questions for Self-Exploration

The content, structure and flow of this exercise are designed to guide you in:

  • listening to your thoughts

  • examining your thoughts and the positive energy they contain

  • learning what to do with that positive energy

  • applying these thoughts and energy, positively and productively to build momentum in your life