Jon Fetzer

A serial entrepreneur, Jon has founded and run a number of technology companies. With a background in startups, strategic consulting, operations management and early stage venture funding, his companies have ranged from a specialty software company to an international consulting firm, which developed a knowledge management platform serving over 2,000 clients in 40 countries and at one time powered eBay’s international AnswerDesk.

Through his companies and individually, Jon has consulted with hundreds of startups, early stage companies and entrepreneurs as well as served numerous advisory boards. His current foci are virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) applications, including both Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI-based image enhancement. Recent projects include the invention and development of the Espheric 360 VR drone that he co-invented (patent pending), and implementation of an in-house deep convolutional neural network (AI) to enhance historic documents for Arizona State University. 

On the volunteer side, Jon has been a SCORE Certified Mentor and in 2017 was the “Mentor for Solutions / Onsite Entrepreneur” at the University of Denver’s Project X-ITE, which is a cross disciplinary effort to engage students and the community in the realm of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.

Jon loves to meet and help fellow entrepreneurs, professionals and executives. Realizing that the road to success is littered with numerous obstacles, he strives to be the go-to advisor / the sounding board / the second set of eyes / the co-pilot for his clients reinforcing, growing, and in many cases simply re-discovering the tools and talents they already possess. Jon’s diverse experience allows him to help his clients identify, assess and navigate those obstacles, in order to more rapidly and effectively reveal both tactical and strategic paths forward, firmly placing them on the ultimate road to success.