Leah Brash

As a proven business leader, Leah has seen first-hand how the VIM Coaching approach helps business leaders achieve their goals and grow both personally and professionally. Leah’s practical experience and passion for guiding others provide a distinctive foundation in her ability help clients on their journey of self-discovery and growth.

Leah received an undergraduate degree in business and a master’s in accounting, both from the University of Colorado. She quickly passed the CPA exam and began working in the industry. Leah rose through the ranks from Accounting Clerk to Accountant to Controller. At the pinnacle of her finance and accounting career, she served as the Chief Financial Officer for Medical Group Management Association, a national healthcare association with over 33,000 members. The Association’s focus is to provide healthcare executives the insights and resources they need to most efficiently and effectively run their organizations and provide outstanding patient care.

After her many years in accounting and several years heading up a finance function, Leah began to seek something more. She stepped off the traditional finance path and took on the newly emerging role of Chief Innovation Officer. Leah assembled a rather unique team and created an environment which enhanced collaboration, drove innovation and ultimately increased sales. The team merged the disciplines of market research, product development, business development and customer service to create an end-to-end view of the product with a constant focus on product improvement and customer satisfaction.

After her stint in the corporate world, Leah went entrepreneurial- in a couple of ways. First, as a Principal with FireStone CFO, Leah provided outsourced CFO services to startups from general financial oversight to help raising capital with financial modeling. Second, she started her own digital health company, Helix-IC, a software company providing automated billing coding tools.

Currently, Leah keeps her experience fresh by offering general business consulting services to various companies with the most prevalent being Prime Health. Leah is helping build their business using the “lean” approach focused on customer discovery and product iteration.

Across all of her experience, Leah helped companies succeed through: 1) strategic financial management: creating new revenue streams, controlling costs and driving sound financial management practices; 2) operations optimization: introducing lean techniques and measurement systems such as the balanced scorecard; 3) strategic planning: leading the development and implementation of strategies such as innovation and product development; and 4) collaboration: creating mutually beneficial partnerships with organizations such as the AMA.