Nikki Patterick

Nikki has an authentic, passionate desire to understand people’s life journeys and help them live a life of meaning. As a coach, she provides thoughtful, individualized advice by combining her innate ability to relate to other people with her own professional and life experiences.

Over 13 years of practicing law has helped Nikki develop her strength as a coach. She has experience in diverse practice areas including business law and fertility law. She has also worked as a lawyer in a broad range of contexts. Nikki worked as a State employee as a judicial clerk for Colorado Supreme Court Justice Gregory Hobbs, Jr. She also has experience in law firms of almost every size as well as working as part of in-house corporate legal teams. This unique array of experiences provides a rich foundation for Nikki to mentor fellow attorneys and law students seeking satisfaction in their professional and personal lives. Through her work as a fertility lawyer and her personal challenges becoming a mother, Nikki also has valuable perspectives to help guide and support couples and individuals struggling with infertility.

Grieving and healing from the sudden and tragic death of Nikki’s husband several years ago expanded the breadth of Nikki’s capacity to coach others. She learned first-hand that although change can be challenging or even traumatic, it can also be a platform for personal growth and meaning. Not all change is as traumatic as death. However, many life changes can be difficult to navigate alone. Changing careers, having a new baby, relocating to a new city or country, or ending a significant relationship are all examples of life transitions where having the support and guidance of the right coach can help you respond to the change in a way that best supports and enriches your life path. Nikki’s approach to supporting others through life change is compassionate and informed by deep personal understanding.

As a professional and a full-time single mother, Nikki also deeply understands the challenges of finding balance. Years of yoga practice have taught Nikki that each moment of each day presents itself differently and that no single moment or experience defines who we are. Some days, we can stand on one leg without wobbling or contort ourselves with ease, but on other days we can feel as though even with two feet firmly on the ground each movement of the earth can shake us. Balance in life is not a destination it is a journey. Nikki has a wealth of insight and knowledge to share with those seeking support finding terra firma.

Being a coach is a privilege to Nikki. Her philosophy is to meet her clients exactly where they are and provide the support they want and need with wholehearted acceptance. She provides guidance that is nourishing and pragmatic, informed by personal and professional experience and infused with knowledge from decades of philosophical inquiry. Whether you are a corporate executive, a full-time single parent or both, Nikki can relate to your life journey and would be honored to help you to be your best version of yourself.