Theresa Brown, Esq.

Theresa has over 25 years experience in coaching people through a vast range of circumstances from individual problem solving to mediation in the work place and civil litigation disputes. In addition, she is recognized as an expert in complex issues and conflicts within intellectual property law.

As in-house counsel and part of upper management for numerous entities as well as outside counsel working with law firms and her own practice, she has worked extensively with executives of corporations and counseled them in various legal matters. As a woman working with male and female executives, she has experienced and dealt with many of the issues faced by women in similar situations.

Prior to going to law school, she worked in cancer research at Scripps Clinic in San Diego. Theresa practiced law for over 25 years primarily in the healthcare field (from large pharmaceutical companies such as Eli Lilly to small start up biotechnology companies). It was through training young lawyers in patent law, she found a great sense of purpose when coaching and mentoring key individuals in various aspects of the practice of law and in managing a law department. Many of them have gone on to very successful careers. In recent years, Theresa has significantly expanded her coaching skills to address the needs and challenges of entrepreneurs and executives throughout the broad spectrum of the business world. This includes her successes in mediation in the work place and civil litigation disputes.

Theresa has worked extensively as an associate with Russell and VIM for several years. She has a passion for helping executives solve problems by examining the big picture, and creating processes to drive objectives and key results. One of the most meaningful aspects of guiding individuals in advancing their leadership skills, is based on self discovery and self actualization. The more you know about yourself, she will guide you in building your leadership style around your authentic self, rather than a “one size fits all” template of leadership.