Emotional Intelligence I & II


The Key to Increasing Emotional Intelligence

Are you an introspector? A seeker? A pleaser? Or simply aware? Find out which self-awareness archetype best describes you.  

Learn why both internal and external self-awareness are critical to effective leadership. In addition, discover obstacles that can actively block authentic self-awareness.

Would you like to develop your self-awareness? Did you know that as you develop self-awareness, you are increasing your emotional intelligence?

Find out how to cultivate self-awareness. Learn how to recognize where your thoughts and emotions are leading you and empower yourself to direct your future. 




Change I & II

The One Absolute in Life

When change occurs in your life, how do you respond to it? With resistance? Resignation? Denial? Acceptance?

Explore the difference between change and transition. Also, learn how practice empathy for yourself and others and acceptance of yourself and others to ultimately transform yourself and your relationship with change.

Do you see change as an opportunity and embrace it? Do you actively drive change? Are you able to confidently guide others through change? 

Learn about the qualities change leaders tend to posses, how to authentically embrace change and how to drive change.




Advanced Problem Solving

While brainstorming, do you find you hit a wall? The Lotus Blossom is a fun and creative brainstorming exercise which encourages you to completely flesh out an idea before considering it complete and challenges you to come up with more ideas than you naturally would.

Discover the unique structure of the Lotus Blossom and how to lay it out. This technique will help you transform a single challenge or concept into a multitude of solutions and ideas.




Mindful Meditation for Beginners

Would you like to bring meditation into your life, but don’t know where to start?

In this e-Book you will learn about meditation, its benefits, how to start your practice and how to implement it into your life. This book closes with two meditation exercises.




The Art of Getting in Touch with Your Perspectives & Feelings

Does your mind ever feel scattered, to the point you are disconnected from your thoughts or feelings? The process of writing a haiku can clear your mind and help you connect with your thoughts and feelings.

Learn how to use this potent tool to transmute what you are thinking, seeing or feeling onto a piece of paper. This form of writing helps bring you into the present moment to practice acceptance of your reality, thus advancing your problem solving skills.