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Immediate Coaching Results from the First Session


Whether you’re a corporate executive or the leader of an entrepreneurial organization, you’re probably searching the internet for business coaching services because you are facing some tough challenges at work and home. Common issues include the following:

  • You need to generate more sales, but you’re not sure how

  • You have a toxic or a dysfunctional work environment

  • You feel acute stress because you can’t figure out your next move

  • You’re drained by worry and you want to feel energized

  • You’re not sure how to deal with difficult financial or family issues

Whatever the particular flavor of your fears, business challenges, or stressors, you’re feeling frustrated because you’re usually the one who solves problems. But you’re stuck. Just thinking about your issues may be debilitating. You want expert guidance and quick results.

A Unique Approach to Your Personal and Business Challenges

While certain aspects of coaching can be learned, many of the most important benefits a business coach or mentor can offer come from years of in the trenches business experience. Russell Owens has owned several successful businesses and over the years has built a team of executive coaches that offers an almost unimaginable depth of wisdom based on their real world business experience along with strong coaching skills.


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