I am part of a leadership team within a Fortune 500 Company, working in a fast-paced analytical environment. I needed to find ways to motivate my team/direct reports to generate high-quality analytic outputs for strategic discussions, while staying out of the weeds enough to help drive data-driven decision-making.

Working with Russell helped me immediately identify where I was directing time and energy to activities that were not the “next best action” to take, and to find strategic ways to redirect that effort. Talking through problems and potential outcomes/alternatives in our sessions helped me see how to take advantage of my natural instincts- to pause and assess a situation, as opposed to simply reacting under organizational pressure.

Russell helped me learn how lead with a calmer, directed approach to solving problems rather than the constant “all hands on deck” approach normal for my organization. By applying techniques around “stilling the mind”, “identifying right action” and practicing “progress, not perfection”, I was able to significantly reduce my stress level at work, and better leverage myself and my team — while still keeping pace with the organization’s demands.
— D.B. | Corporate Analytics Leader | Silicon Valley

Each of us has demons, whether we like to admit it to ourselves or not. They’re unpleasant to unmask and confront. Long ago I learned the power to listen to my thoughts and I knew self-awareness sometimes is a daily exercise. However, when it came to dealing my demons, I had been unable to slow down where those train of thoughts led.

With Russell’s guidance and piercing guidance to focus on the present, I’ve gained more cognitive tools, like using space to gain clarity and thinking about what the next best action to take is. Thank you Russell for your gift of interpretation, a kind ear and your wisdom.
— Neil Krauss | Director of Planning and Space Management | University of Denver
Before working with Russell, I was struggling with understanding and accepting multiple challenges in many of my relationships. The problems of other people were consuming me and I was unproductive, depressed, and unable to forge the outcomes that I wanted.

After working with Russell, I was able to gain my independence and act authentically in my relationships with others. I drew boundaries that worked for me. I have my life back and everyone else has grown.

Working with Russell has been invaluable – without him I would have remained stuck. He is uniquely gifted as a coach.
— Charles

When I started using Russell’s executive coaching services I was employed at Wells Fargo as a financial consultant working with the bank’s most affluent clients. I was struggling with recognizing and acknowledging my own feelings and was having problems doing the same with others.

My work with Russell enabled me to start identifying and expressing my feelings in a healthy manner. This helped me to communicate more effectively with my family as well as in my business life.

My newfound communications skills helped me to achieve back-to-back record production years.

In July 2008, I suffered a brain tumor that required two brain surgeries. I suffered a hemorrhage that caused severe brain damage and a subsequent stroke and partial paralysis. Russell once again devoted a lot of time helping me to accept the circumstances of my life as they were. This mentor/friendship played a big part in my recovery process.

There is no doubt in my mind that due to his mentorship, my life has been enriched considerably, for which I am very grateful. I strongly recommend his services as a mentor to those of you who are considering establishing a relationship with him.
— Rich Pfeifer

When I came to America, I was in a very challenging place in my life. In spite of having an advanced degree in engineering, I had no network and no understanding of the basic mechanisms of the American corporate business culture, especially in identifying opportunities and being able to successfully engage with the decision makers.

Prior to being introduced to Russell I was a checker at Wal-Mart. Although being very grateful to be working, I was very frustrated. ... I moved to America because it is the greatest nation in the world and a place where dreams can be made to come true.

As my mentor, Russell taught me the process of authentic networking, how “to get past the gate keeper”, how to interview with authenticity and how to “sell myself”. More importantly he helped me embrace my true self and ultimately to believe in myself. With the tools and guidance that Russell gave me, I found and earned the position of Staff Scientist for ATC Associates, one of the top geotechnical firms in the nation.

I will always be grateful for Russell being in my life as a mentor and as a friend.
— Bisrat W. Gebresenbe

Running a business is met with distinct and diverse challenges. When I initially sought guidance concerning my entrepreneurial endeavors, I needed an objective, outside opinion; someone who had ‘been there’ with a wealth of experience and problem solving abilities.

I found that and so much more.

I’ve never worked with a more creative and effective problem solver. Using the tools he’s shared, I find myself adeptly navigating through my challenges with far less stress and a clear vantage point. I’m able to focus on the next right thing in a way I’ve never been able to before, while learning to accept and trust in the process. I’ve become more effective, more productive, and much happier. It’s been nice. Mapping out solutions with Russell is sincerely a fascinating and rewarding process.

But Russell’s approach exceeds far beyond his remarkable problem solving abilities. He processes sharp mentoring skills that facilitate rapid growth in many facets of life. Disarmingly charming and kind, the trust I share with Russell is something quite rare indeed. His guidance has radically improved my professional and personal life alike. He’s uniquely skilled and equally effective at problem solving for business challenges as he is for personal dilemmas. I can truly say my life has been greatly enriched having had the great pleasure to work with him. And we’re just getting started…
— Jon Michael Bray