The Erratic Entrepreneur


The Erratic Entrepreneur

VIM Executive Coaching is a Denver, Colorado based Business Coaching business that works with both executive leaders and entrepreneurs. As we are business people ourselves, we are often required to dispel myths about who is an “executive type” or an “entrepreneurial type.”

For example, we recently worked with an extremely bright, exceptionally competent woman who had been promoted to a mid-level executive position with a pharmaceutical corporation. She came to us with doubts as to her ability to succeed in the executive ranks because she didn’t think she “was the type.” We assured her, there is no predetermined type in a self-aware organization, as long as she was mindful, authentic and responsive in her management style.

The Entrepreneur

In a surprisingly similar example, to an executive in a massive organization, was the Denver tech center entrepreneur VIM Executive Coaching worked with who specifically wanted to be more “even tempered” as he put it. He was building a successful company which, at the time, was about 30 employees. Despite his growing revenue stream, he didn’t like the “erratic” way in which he felt he was making decisions and treating employees. He wondered if his inability to moderate responses, relate to clients and vendors, and even sit in on meetings would hinder his company’s growth.

“I don’t think of myself as a successful hi-tech entrepreneur,” he said. “not in the mold of some of the ‘big boys.’ Maybe I should test the interest in someone buying my company.”

We told him that an acquisition of his company may or may not be future discussion he could have with his inner circle, but the issue of “being erratic” and not moderating his responses, was indeed an entrepreneurial skill that could certainly be addressed and remedied.

We worked with him for a few months and as he was motivated to improve, he certainly did. The entrepreneur did eventually sell his company; not because he was compelled to do so but because of an outstanding offer. He has recently launched another company and is enjoying the process.

The point here is that VIM Executive Coaching has successfully coached many entrepreneurs from hi-tech to relatively unsophisticated technologies, from multi-national enterprises to a Boulder, Colorado area-based chain.

We coach entrepreneurs who are rather quiet and introspective thinkers to outgoing, flashy and dynamic. We would not encourage or even try to remake someone in the overhauling of their personality. To do so, is not the domain of an entrepreneurial business coach.

However, what we can do is to help the entrepreneur achieve a greater sense of her or his authenticity; to be more mindful in the decision making process; to respond to situations as they frequently arise rather than to be blindly reactive and to handle stressful situations with a greater sense of compassion than flashes of disagreement and anger.

Your Type

Your image of who you are as a person, need not be altered because you have become an entrepreneur. It is much more a case of how that person (you) mindfully calls upon your skill set. Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert is not nearly as important as to whether you are authentic or inauthentic is how you relate to others and make a positive impact on your organization.

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