I’ll Take Executive Leadership for $800, Alex


I’ll Take Executive Leadership for $800, Alex

Not long ago, a mid-level executive approached us with a somewhat off-putting question: “Is it true that executive coaching is a lot like show business?” As VIM Executive Coaching has been coaching executive leaders for decades, not only in Denver and Boulder, Colorado, but the world over, we couldn’t imagine what he was talking about.

He explained, “Well, it’s like this and that, you know, if one category doesn’t work, you just switch to the next.”

“Oh, like a quiz show?” we asked.

We guess it was the right answer, for he threw up his hands and walked away.

Just the Opposite

In fact, thinking about that “executive leadership discussion,” we were dumfounded. We could think of nothing more diametrically opposite to personalized, executive leadership training or business coaching than picking, choosing and plunging in, as one would do on Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune, or most any other type of game show. In fact, one of the biggest problems we’ve encountered in helping executives who have come to VIM Executive Coaching has been to steer executives away from that kind of thinking.

Developing an effective executive leader, the VIM Executive Coaching way, is one that takes the path of mindfulness, not capriciousness; of learning to respond and not to blindly react; of being authentic, real and in the moment.

We do understand that our approach may be considered unique and not boiler-plate. Each session and each approach is highly individualized and deeply considers the needs of each client. We understand that personality-wise, no two clients are ever the same. Not only are work or entrepreneurial situations variable, but people come to us with varying life experience and situations.

The problem often encountered in many programs is that trainers guide everyone down the same path. Therefore, the introvert is taught in the same manner as the extrovert; the experienced executive is taught in much the same manner as the person who is relatively new or starting out. It does a disservice to everyone.

Many Paths

Every executive leader is on a path to hopefully wanting to become more effective and successful. It is a long-term goal. Not to strain the analogy, but the quiz show contestant is about winning as much money in the shortest possible time. In virtually every case, the successful executive builds upon one goal to achieve the next. Even if she or he is on a fast track, without effective inter-personal skills they will set themselves up for failure.

Therefore, the introverted, somewhat cautious executive can (and often does) outperform the bold, brash, bully. In the new workplace, executives who lack mindfulness and authenticity will generally fail in dealing with employees who might be working across many types of platforms. Responding to a personnel situation across an international divide, or intergenerationally or of different genders or any other differences calls for response and reflection. To approach situations “1950s style” can be catastrophic in the 2019 work environment.

VIM Executive Coaching recognizes the authentic individuality of every person who comes to us for coaching. In fact, we celebrate each individual and not try to force them down a path in which they are uncomfortable. Quiz shows are fine for casual viewing, but today’s organization is one filled with active experiences. Please be equipped for it.

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